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    Rabbit Tap Rabbit Organs

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    Product description

    All Natural Pet Treats

    Minimally processed rabbit protein for dogs and cats from Blue Ridge Rabbit in Welford, South Carolina. Rabbit Organs are perfect for any canine or feline companion. Organs are like natural vitamin packs for your pet. Our bags are a medley of freeze-dried rabbit organs such as liver, kidney, hearts, and lungs. Rabbit is an excellent snack option for pets who have allergies or are overweight.

    Single Ingredient Treats

    You shouldn't have to memorize a list of criteria to find trustworthy pet goodies. With The Rabbit Tap, you’ll never have to. Rabbit Organs contain just one ingredient, sustainably raised American rabbit. These treats are freeze-dried instead of traditionally cooked with high temperature heat that degrades nutrition.

    High Quality Pet Treats

    Finding the perfect pet treat can be overwhelming. Low regulation makes it easy for popular companies to market their product as natural while using dicey ingredients or processing methods. The Rabbit Tap promises the utmost quality sourcing of totally craveable, nutritionally sound treats— minimally processed and free of junk fillers.

    Always supervise your pet while feeding treats.

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