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    Freeze Dried Quail Wings 80g

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    Product description

    The benefits of freeze-dried quail wings for your pet

    Great For Dental Health 
    Quail wings are a perfect size for your pets to chew on. The bones are softer compared to chicken wings, reducing choking hazard in pets.

    Taste that Stands Out
    Our freeze-drying method gives quail with a satisfying crunch that pets can’t resist. It’s an unparalleled flavour treat, making it a favourite for picky pets and a great reward during training.

    Consciously Raised ✅
    Our quails are nurtured in spacious barns and nourished with premium grains, ensuring they live in a wholesome environment before they reach your pet’s bowl. Your pets will love this little treat.

    What is freeze-dried?

    Freeze-dried pet treats (in this case the freeze dried quail wings) are made using a special process that removes moisture from the raw ingredients while preserving their nutritional content, flavour, and texture. This method results in lightweight, nutrient-dense, and long-lasting treats that maintain their natural taste, making them a highly appealing and healthy option for pets.
    Made in Australia
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