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    DrSAM Colostrum - Treatment To Strengthen the Immune System, 60ml

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    Immune treatment with valuable immunoglobulins, amino acids and vitamins for dogs, cats and rodents.

    We understand the importance of a strong immune system for your pet. Organic colostrum is a special dietary supplement made from the decaseinated first milk of a cow, obtained shortly after the birth of the calf from the 1st and 2nd excess milking. This organic colostrum is rich in nutrients that are particularly useful during stressful times or when your pet is heavily physically demanding.

    For example amino acids for metabolism and cell regeneration, immunoglobulins to fight infections caused by phatogenic substances, vitamins for general health, lactoferrin to support immune defenses and proline-rich polypeptides for a strong immune system. This combination helps to keep your pet vital and healthy.

    Made in Germany

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