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    Lucky Pet Pure Beef 800g

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    German home cooking - Pure meat from a single source of protein. Just as you would prepare food yourself. With a particularly high, pure meat content. For many, an alternative to BARFing. Made exclusively from fresh slaughtered animals approved for food production. Cold-bottled and gently heated to preserve vitamins. This gives you hearty, juicy meat meals, as if cooked at home.

    - Linseed oil: promotes digestion and supports coat growth through a perfect combination of essential fatty acids

    - high-quality, low-fat muscle meat and valuable offal such as heart, liver, lungs, spleen and rumen

    - without fillers

    - grain and lactose free

    - Food-standard raw materials 

    Composition: 70% consisting of beef hearts, beef meat, beef livers, beef lungs, beef rumen, 28.9% broth, 1% minerals, 0.1% linseed oil

    Complete food for dogs

    Made in Germany

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